Monday, November 18, 2013

White Christmas Ornaments

I found this photo of our Christmas tree a few years back.  I decorated with white Christmas balls and bows.  I arranged them in clusters for a fuller look.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Turquoise and Silver Christmas Tree

Christmas tree is up! Still in the initial stages of decorating just with turquoise poinsettias, silver and blue picks.  No ornaments yet and it looks full already.  I guess I like this design for this year.

I clustered the turquoise poinsettias with the silver and blue picks and added a silver white net fabric under it for a fuller look.

On the top are silver glittery swirls and peacock design picks to anchor the topper.

I used a turquoise metal snowflake ornament to top it.  

Added more poinsettias

And now I think I am ready for Christmas!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Christmas Flameless Candle

A simple and cheap Christmas project.  Flameless candles, a glass vase, some glitter, all from the dollar store.  And a die cut holiday scrapbook paper from Joann.

I bought materials for three candle glasses. I taped and glued the holiday paper around the vase, and added some glitters and a snowflake bling.  I arranged them on a glass platter and added some Christmas picks and stems, and yey! I now have a stunning Christmas centerpiece!

Pumpkin Butter on Pumpkin Ice Cream

"How should you use Pumpkin Butter?  Heat it and pour over Pumpkin Ice Cream."
From Trader Joe's.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

How to Make a Ball Garland

A quick cut wire is an ideal material to use to put together the christmas balls to form a garland.  I found it in the floral section at Joanns.  It has a built-in cutter that makes it very convenient to use.

After stringing the christmas balls onto the quick cut wire, I can now easily wrap it around the christmas tree branches.

Christmas Countdown

52 days to go, but it starts today for our little family!  Right after Halloween I start googling and planning  for this year's theme.  The past two years I had a gold and silver theme and now our family thinks we should move on to a more colorful one.

Here is last year's silver and gold tree:

I like this more organized and compact design where I strung the Christmas balls on to a long floral wire like it is a long garland, and wrapped it around the tree.  Here's a closer look:

I used a gold metallic net fabric that I bought at Joanns last year.  I cut it to about 36 x 12 inches size, then  I inserted the net fabric in between the garlands to create a fuller look.

 I added silver and gold berry garland and white poinsettia bouquets that I bought also at Joanns.

I finished it with an angel topper that sat on cream golden bows and gold floral picks.


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