Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Glitter Ball

I have been on the lookout for bigger Christmas ornament balls, at least about 6 inches in diameter. Though more costly, it fills up a bigger space on the tree or garland, so I do not have to add more ornaments to create a fuller look. 

As much as possible I try to stay away from glitters for obvious reasons. It is so hard to clean and  it lingers until July!  But without the glitters, it is not easy to create a stunning and sparkling Christmas display.

So lately I noticed these huge ornaments, sparkling, without the glitters. Or the glitters are sealed under a bed of beads and sequins so they don't shed off as much.  This is what I'm looking for!  But they are at least $4.

And then I went to the 99cents store and found almost the same thing! No glitters coming off and it's sparkling and cheap.  The balls now hang on the garland by the stairwell along with the blue nets and blue poinsettias.


And then I found more blue stuff in the 99cents store.  I brought home a blue ribbon, blue Christmas placemats, along with this blinking blue snowflake ornament!


Loving the 99cents store and I'm planning to go back for more!

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